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Free Consultation

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*Before your consultation meeting starts you will receive a few forms that need to be filled out before proceeding with the rest of the consultation.*

     During your free consultation we will discuss your current and past exercise experience as well as your previous and present health issues, if any. We will also do a couple strength tests to evaluate where we are going to start in your fitness journey, so be sure to wear athletic clothing to this consultation meeting. We will be talking about your availability and desired training schedule, and we will be coming up with a realistic commitment that you can stick to. And lastly we will be recording a few body measurements to help you track your progress along this journey. After we have finished all of this we will part ways and I will begin working on a fitness program based on all of the information I just collected. I will then contact you within the next few days to confirm your first training session.

I look forward to working with you!


Training Session

55 minutes: $85

In-Person training session. Contact me for details, as I will base your sessions off of our original consultation.