About Me

Thank you for visiting, my name is Christian Scarberry. I am a Vegan Movement Specialist, and I want to help you adopt healthier habits that will lead to a happier life.

As a child I was fascinated with martial arts and acrobatics, I trained in Tae-Kwon-Do, Aikido, Ninjutsu, Wrestling, Parkour, Dancing, and Gymnastics. Just after graduating high school in coastal North Carolina I started coaching children’s Parkour classes at two different gymnastics facilities. I was coaching Parkour and Tumbling for almost a year before I moved inland to the mountains of NC. This is about the time I started a Plant-Based Diet. While living in the mountains I got into Rock Climbing but also got to play around with a few more types of movements that were pretty new to me, such as Slacklining, Fire Spinning, and Martial Arts Tricking. And I even ended up taking a trip to Rishikesh India to learn about Yoga. Upon moving back to the coast of NC, I was able to get sponsored by a Trampoline Park and join a Professional Parkour and Stunt Team called Sole Freerunning and started performing shows at various venues, doing stunts for commercials, and holding seminars/boot camps with them. After about a year of that I started going to the gym more often and for the first time actually began to enjoy Weightlifting. Shortly after that though, I discovered Calisthenics and fell in love with bodyweight exercises and workout routines. Whether you hate running, don’t want to lift weights, or think you aren’t the least bit flexible enough, I can help you find a form of movement that can get you healthy and keep you happy.


Since transitioning to a fully Plant-Based diet I have lost a substantial amount of body fat, was able to cure my almost chronic migraines, and have more energy than I could have ever imagined. Before starting a Plant-Based diet what I was eating almost entirely consisted of meat, dairy, and breads or pastas. The only vegetable I ever ate was some form of potatoes, and orange juice was the closest thing to fruit I ever had. Making the switch to a Vegan lifestyle and diet has helped me grow physically, mentally, and emotionally. If someone like me can make the change, so can you. Let me help get you become the best version of yourself.